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About us


Cardinal Chartered Accountants (Zimbabwe) is a professional accounting firm offering services in Finance, Audit, Taxation, Corporate Recovery, Performance Assessment Audit, Consultancy, Advisory and Training Workshops. With an impeccable reputation, the firm provides world class services that help businesses and individuals to realise their financial goals.


Looking ahead

To be the leading regional provider of professional accounting, auditing and financial advisory services.


Our target

To unlock value for all stakeholders by making a difference in the lives of people through the provision of world class accounting, audit assurance and financial advisory services.



Success for our customers and ourselves is based on our belief in working in tandem with our customers to achieve our goals. Our customers are partners in the work that we undertake on their behalf.


We are committed to adhere to the highest professional ethics in accordance with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe standards.


We recognize and value the confidentiality of our customers’ information that we come across in the course of performing our duties. We endeavor to jealously safeguard or customers’ information.


We firmly believe that providing an excellent service is the hallmark of building successful relationships with our clients.


Innovative Solutions

Cardinal appreciates the enormous challenges that the current environment poses to any business and with innovative solutions we will be able to overcome. This requires us to intensively research, act swiftly and continuous monitoring of the progress.


The Cardinal team boasts of a combined experience in financial, business and advisory services of over fifty years. We have a combination of professional experience in audit firms as well as practical industrial experience.


Cardinal has assembled a team with complimentary specialist knowledge in different business areas. Our team comprises of accountants, auditors, information technology experts, an economist, a part time tax expert and the partnerships we have with other business experts .